7 inch Android 4.0 ICS Tablet Center-ST0716-16GB


Cons first.... um 512mb memory. maybe. and zagg probably won't have this in stock. also the internal memory is confusing. it's split into different parts the tablet so one is 1.15 gb and the other is somewhere between 5-6gb and some programs recognize that 2nd part as the SD card. So stick as much as you want in the device and it won't matter.
Pro's? PRICE vs performance. Yeah it's not for playing hi def games you have never heard of. For beginners I'd highly recommend this one. Forgo the FedEx shipping though. Slow and did a nice bang up job to the box and a LiPo battery just hates that. Maybe the screen could be brighter but the touch is 50 % better than the $400 Samsung Tab 2 10.1. which just is horrid. And also beats the Tab 2 on battery. Charging and discharging :P But there's several free apps here although it doesn't show up at first. Hardly any bloatware and seems like it's just stock android 4.0 which is a good thing. Samsung basically modified it. so it
Date Added: 08/01/2012 by Lee B