7 inch Android 4.0 ICS Tablet Center-ST0716-16GB


I really love my little tablet. Nice multi-touch capacitive screen that is very responsive and as good as any Android screen I have seen. I've had mine for a while so it didn't ship with 4.0 but I called their technical support and was instantly helped. Kevin was nice enough to talk me through the upgrade to 4.0 now the tablet works even better! Runs Google Play for App downloading. Works great for playing movies for the kids. With 8 internal + 8GB of SD storage it can hold quit a few movies. Add some games and the kids love it in the car. Much better than a DVD player. It might not be quite as fast as a $500 tablet but it's close and you really can't go wrong at this price.
Date Added: 08/07/2012 by CW