7 inch Android 4.04 Tablet Sonic-ST0720


Awesome tablet!
I've bought 2 of these 7" tablets from this seller. my daughter set a password on hers and forgot it. Being a pretty savvy with computers, I did everything to break the code. It's not like it has an accessible BIOS. I broke down and contacted the supplier,which I hated to do, since previous experience with other sellers was a nightmare. Well, to my surprise, I got a reply the next morning, with instructions on what I needed to do. He had me download "dropbox", then he sent a copy of the Firmware. Lucky it was new, so had nothing to back-up. Followed his instructions and the Tablet was working again within the hour. The seller emailed me two more times to ensure my product was working as it should, and I was very happy to say yes, and will recommend him to my friends, solely on the customer support (that is so hard to find these days!).
Date Added: 10/08/2013 by Seadoosnipe