7 inch Android 4.04 Tablet Sonic-ST0720-16GB


Great Tabby for the Price
Pros: It is a value priced tablet that comes with Google Play.... What else can I say. I only tested a few apps before it was taken from me to be wrapped for Xmas, but I can say it played Netflix without a hiccup and played Angry Birds Star Wars too.

Cons: Single core, though it is overclocked which makes up for most of that. I has somewhat poor viewing angles when in portrait view, but in landscape it is as good as any other tabby (most people will use this view for most applications)

Other Thoughts: I think over all this device is a solid cut above any of those bargin tablets that were pushed on the consumers during black friday. Most of those under 100 dollar tablets do not have Google Play so getting applications to work is a true hassle. Save yourself some grief and green and get one of these. And if 8gigs isnt enough pop in a 15 dollar 32 Gig micro SD card and go to 40 Gigs!
Date Added: 12/13/2012 by Farley318