7 inch Android 4.04 Tablet Sonic-ST0720-16GB


Over the top Service
Pros: Fast Processor, good sensitivity to touch on screen. Bright display. Looks and performs like a tablet costing twice this price. Had to RMA for 1 issue and the Customer Service was phenomenal. My rep called immediately when he found that I had an issue with my tablet. The Company Service rep called me about 5 times to help me with the RMA process and afterward to explain the Service Department Results. I've never have experienced service this good. I have an iTouch and compare the functionality to my Apple product. It is just about as good with the exception listed in the Cons below.

Cons: Inferior camera. I purchased this unit to Skype my family and was saddened to find that it requires a good bit of light. I was accustomed to the picture quality and light requirements of my iTouch. This one is very dark. I thought it was defective so RMA'd it. Once the Service Department received it and tested it, they said it was functioning normally. They lab tested it using standard flourescent overhead lighting in a work environment. I, however, don't live in an office building and both my family and I are accustomed to having lamp lighting on. So, as long as you have a good bit of light, this unit should suffice. If not, then maybe this isn't the right product for you.

Other Thoughts: I believe that for the price, this deserves a 5 egg rating. I paid just over $100 for it. I paid $250 for my iTouch a couple of years ago. So, maybe I'm being unfair to compare these two. I was shocked at how great their Service Department was. I gave my first review and received a phone call from them when I got home that same day. They really feel strongly in their product and want to insure that you are happy. Would I buy another one. Definately!
Date Added: 01/09/2013 by Dennis