9.7 inch vitalASC Dual Core Tablet Speed-ST0916-32GB


I purchased 2 S0916 tablets in the beginning of February of this year - they are awesome ! there is nothing in computing that we would want that we can't do on them. Today I was surprised when I entered my shop and heard some beautiful music radiating from our stero speakers. I ask my hubby about it and he said "Oh thats the tablet - Pandora app pair with the 3.5 jack to the speakers. The dual core boxchip processor in this tablet sores. The Ram is quite enough and the internal hard drive is 16 gigs ! it pairs with every thing bluetooth - you can even pair it with a 3 g dongle for sim card data and a bluetooth GPS receiver and use it in the car for a large screen voice guided gps. they are great ! We even got one for our daughter and she loves her tablet too. You can use a solar charger with it to make it more portable than most all other devices - We do get at least 7 hours of heavy use with the 7000mah battery before it needs to charge(I have only one small gripe and it really is not in the fault of this table which is the partition of the one gig front internal drive that google does with 4.0 ics. I have 150 apps in our tablet but I have to budget them for that one gig front drive - if they are not moveable to the back 13 gigs of the SD drive I do have to delete the apps because 1 gig of front storage is not much - of course this is not the fault of VitalASC it is an ice cream sandwich google blunder - really that does not hold us back much at all with these tablets) I do wish they would upgrade to jelly bean and eventually key lime but I won't be greedy they will last us years just the way they are. Tip for other uses - don't try to use them while they are charging - the keyboard and clicking may go haywire when using during charge. again, only a minute glitch.
Date Added: 04/27/2013 by Lisa DeHart