9 inch Android 4.1 Tablet vitalASC Star-ST9001-4G


Great Entry Level/Budget Tablet
Pros: Price Point
Screen Response
Expandability with added micro sd card
Jelly Bean OS
Playing Netflix and other videos
Size and weight

Cons: Single Core
512 memory
Response Speed (due to single core and memory size)
Screen Resolution (800x480)
Lack of a program loading symbol

Other Thoughts: For the price I really can't complain about the cons, I knew what I was getting when I purchased this neat little tablet. The response on the touch screen is pretty good but opening programs can be a little slow due to the single core and the memory size. It would have been nice if there was a dynamic symbol (like a hourglass symbol) that shows that the tablet is working on something. If you are looking for a great budget/entry level tablet for surfing the net or sifting through emails this tablet works great. If you are looking for streaming videos this streams well but at a lower video quality due to the lower screen resolution compared to other tablets. If you don't compare this to other pricier tablets that cost 2x-4x more I think that you'll be surprised with this one. I haven't tried the camera but I am quite please with the tablet at the current price point.
Date Added: 05/29/2013 by bmm