9 inch Android 4.1 Tablet vitalASC Star-ST9001-4G


Great tablet. Extraordinary service.
Pros: This is my first Android device so I can't compare it to others or software versions. A co-worker familiar with Android devices was impressed by the fact it wasn't bogged down with a lot of useless apps. When I told him the price he immediately started writing down the info to check it out later.

I like that I can go online with a PC to order apps and the tablet will automatically download them later. That's really useful because tablets browse so much slower and Googles app pages are slow to respond.

But the greatest feature by far is the companies support. When I ordered the tablet I also ordered some other items I thought might be useful. I immediately received a call from Kevin inquiring how I was going to use the additional items. He then informed me there were better options and that I didn't need certain things. He helped me change my order, saved me money and a ton of time and aggravation returning the unnecessary items later. Preemptive service?? Really?? Other companies don't even offer sub-par service. Kevin went above and beyond to make sure my first experience with their company was a good one.

Cons: The tablet seems to function perfectly but the browsing seems very slow. Since this is my first tablet I have no idea whether it's the tablet or the software holding it back. Page loading just seems to take a long time. However, I'm also reading a lot of pages not intended for Android or tablets so it may just be too many ads etc.

The only real problem I haven't gotten resolved yet is the tablet won't connect to a network with a hidden SSID. Kevin was more than happy to forward the issue to their tech support. I have no reason to believe we won't get it figured out. I had a top of the line PDA years ago with the same issue and HP never even bothered to solve it.

Other Thoughts: If this tablet holds up it won't be long for me to feel like I got more than my moneys worth. So many people are complaining that their low end tablets are dying after a few months of use. All this tablet needs to do is continue to work and it will be the best deal going. The customer support already puts vitalASC over the top.
Date Added: 08/22/2013 by C6pilot