9 inch Android 4.1 Tablet vitalASC Star-ST9001-12G


Great Deal on A Mediocre Tablet
Pros: This is a straight up awesome deal. The tablet has poor sound, and sluggish response. For the short period I have had the tablet it has run reliably and so far all apps work fine. The case that comes with it is also mediocre but a mediocre case for a 9" tablet runs around $20. The sd card is worth some amount that will probably change in a couple of weeks since that's how flash memory is. In my eyes this makes for a very affordable and serviceable 9" tablet.

Cons: As stated this is not a great tablet. Sluggish response and poor sound are the biggest issues. I find it unlikely that I will not find other issues as time goes on.
Date Added: 09/04/2013 by End User